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#1 ROI* email newsletters *Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox, March 12, 2007: 10 High-Profit Redesign Priorities

Email Marketing

K-mail provides everything necessary to run an effective and measurable bulk email emarketing campaign.

  • Send HTML email
  • Advanced search functions
  • Auto-inserts personal info (name, address, etc)
  • Custom unsubscribe function
  • View stats and track outgoing messages
  • Custom fields
  • Full export
  • Seamless integration with existing website
  • Similar subscriber scan
  • Batch upload email addresses
  • Send automatic time delayed messages
  • Manage subscribers

How does it work? Navigate your website and click on any page you want to change or update. Our system allows full formatting options such as bold, linking, tables, pictures, etc. You can also manage any of our advanced web systems such as viewing messages, administering users, organizing a photo gallery, adding blogs and news, etc.

Personalize and Target

Send your newsletter based on any criteria you choose. For example, you can send your newsletter to all females in New York and Vancouver who expressed an interest in product “X”. You can also auto-insert their name and any other details you decide.

HTML and Text versions

Easily create beautiful HTML-rich emails (links, images, colour, etc). Our system will automatically determine the best format for the user and provide a text only version if necessary.

Monitor your campaign

Monitor when you sent your newsletter, who opened it, and even who responded to your offering.

Schedule your campaign

Schedule your newsletter to be sent immediatly, the next day or a month later. You can also set up autoresponders to and have K-mail send your clients your newsletter automatically.

Advanced user management

Batch import subscribers, set-up double opt-in, automatically add an unsubscribe link, easily handle bounced emails.