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Kommonwealth: Create beautiful skins • Export to your favorite CMS


Kommonwealth is our web-builder, built with web designers in mind. Create any design you can dream up using our easy to use point and click web builder. Export your work as a standard site or to your chosen CMS. You are not restricted by templates or pre-designed options. Kommonwealth creates professional styles and exports clean code.

Kommonwealth contains specific components to allow for advanced CMS system styling. You can create a template for Drupal or create a theme for WordPress and take advantage of tens of thousands of plugins and features.

Create any styles and layout you want be it margins, padding, background, lines, positioning, and of course much more. This applies to static page elements as well as dynamic ones such as the hover style of a button and what shape, style, thickness, and corner you want to put on a drop-down menu.

Kommonwealth contains several design focused tools that make building pages easier for designers. For example, “autoselect” (a common Adobe Photoshop tool) allows Kommonwealth users to move thier mouse across the page to click on any item they wish to work on.