Redwerks: Making The Web More Human

MediaWiki powered wiki

MediaWiki is the open-source wiki engine that powers Wikipedia and many other wiki.

Redwerks is able to do development work, design work, and professional installation and configuration of MediaWiki.

  • Redwerks can create the whole site design for your wiki, and then turn it into a MediaWiki skin in-house and provide it to you for installation. If you already have a site design we can also just do the work of turning it into a MediaWiki skin.
  • Redwerks can install, configure, and customize a wiki for you with existing configuation options and extensions.
  • Need a brand new feature inside MediaWiki? Redwerks can look into the development work needed to implement the feature as part of core MediaWiki or as an extension, and if possible do the development work implementing it as well.
  • Have a MediaWiki bug that's causing you problems? We'd be happy to try and fix that bug inside MediaWiki itself, commit it back upstream to the MediaWiki codebase, and try to backport it to the current stable version of MediaWiki you're running so that you can have the bug fixed now and not have to worry about it coming back when you upgrade in the future.
  • Redwerks is also open for contracts developing large new MediaWiki features and extensions.

Our developer Daniel Friesen has worked with MediaWiki for years and contributes to the development of the wiki engine itself.

Redwerks is also looking for clients in need of someone to manage the hosting and configuration for their wiki.