Redwerks: Making The Web More Human

human communication: Words are usually the main moneymakers on a website. Selecting the first 2 words for your page titles is probably the highest-impact ROI-booting design decision you make in a Web Project. Front-loading important keywords trumps most other design considerations.

Manifesto 3

Search has gone beyond the technical. Build content and keep building it.

Whether or not your prospective clients ultimately do business with you, they need to find you first. But your site also has to engage their interest, so that browsing turns into conversion.

Web content is fast becoming the key driver in building an online presence. As search engines ‘spider’ through each word on your website, they measure original content. What’s original content? It’s not stuff you’ve copied from your competitors or off of Wikipedia. It’s real conversations with real customers on video, expert advice from your team, or opinion pieces written by your front-line staff.

Innovative content that is relevant to your core business objectives will drive up your search page rankings. If the content on your site isn’t relevant -- fresh, correct, on-brand, easy to find, and easy to use -- the fact is your website could be hurting your company.

  • Your site stickiness will increase: visitors will stay on your site longer and return more often.
  • By posting informative articles you will be seen as an expert, increasing your credibility, building your rapport with your potential customers, and converting visitors to clients.
  • Having quality content may also place you as an expert in the eye of the media. With proper PR you may be able to offer yourself as a resource to the media, build key relationships, and at the same time plug your product, service, or business.
  • Understanding and building your ideal metadata takes research and planning, as well as competitor search analysis. We won’t lie – done right this is a time-consuming and ongoing process. But we can train your own team to do this for you.