Redwerks: Making The Web More Human

Humancentric Web Design And Development

Manifesto #2:

we are magic.

Okay, so this is one of those special parts of web development that has to happen, no matter what. Websites have to feel like magic, even when it takes days and weeks of slogging to make them happen. They have to feel seamless to the Average Webuser.

No, we don’t employ Harry, Hermione and Ron at Redwerks. But we do use some of the most magical tools out there. We build on the semantic web, which is as close to magic as you can get in digital format: tell the web what to do in real language, and it does it. It takes a while to train it for each job, but we get it there.

We can do all the flashy things you want, but we usually recommend toning it down. Why? Because although folks like magic tricks, they like it better when they themselves can create magic through easy operability and simple interfaces. All we’re saying is that everyone wants to hold the wand sometimes, not just watch the sparks fly.

How do we do this? Through thinking the way people think and creating web language that works the way people’s minds work. Simple, huh?