Redwerks: Making The Web More Human

Humancentric Web Design And Development

Why Redwerks

Redwerks development is fast: Embedded code, CSS, AJAX and working in semantic databases instead of traditional fields-and-tables speeds up the process immeasurably. A Redwerks-built database-laden website can go live in days rather than weeks or months.

Redwerks development is inexpensive: Because it’s fast, our systems can be much less expensive. Add to that the potential of passing on work to more junior programmers and designers, and the cost starts sliding down even more. And as clients and users learn the system, websites can be changed instantly by amateurs.

Redwerks uses the best of the web: We not only embed our own custom widgets and processes into our systems, but we create APIs for today’s best web systems like Twitter, MooTools, Freshbooks, Google, WordPress, YouTube, and more added every week.

Redwerks continuously improves: We add functions to the whole system, not just one website. Everyone wins.

Redwerks is human-focused. Without an intentional focus on how a human being will interact with your end-product, it's difficult to develop a successful web project. It may seem obvious to focus on users' needs throughout the project life cycle, but many development companies rely on engineers, rather than human-interface experts or an integrated team, to make critical interface decisions on the fly. When usability is finally considered, it's often too late or too expensive to make the necessary changes.