Disciplined curiosity

Push the boundaries, respect the basics

UX/UI, Code Review, Code Architecture, CMS, Useability Testing, Application Development, Technical Consulting.

Welcome to a universe where curiosity meets discipline, where technology intersects with 20 years of solid experience. We draw our inspiration from the audacious voyages of organizations like NASA, as they push boundaries, exploring uncharted territories, yet still respect the basics - the fundamental science that enables them to safely touch the stars.

Smart Solutions Architect

Code Review, Code Architecture, Useability Testing

Navigating new projects or adjusting existing ones can feel like plotting a course through uncharted space. The mission: leverage groundbreaking tech advances while avoiding needless complexity. With our two decades of expertise, we serve as your mission control, steering you to optimize your software landscape or establish solid foundations for new ventures.

  1. Tech Stack Guidance: We guide you in assembling the ideal tech 'gear'—languages, libraries, frameworks.
  2. Technical Structure Setup: We set up your project's 'mission blueprint'—organized code structure, conventions, and patterns.
  3. Hiring Assistance: We review requirements and vet candidates' code to help build your team.
  4. Code Review: Like a pre-launch check, we ensure Git Pull-Requests align with best practices.
Tailored assistance
Project blueprints
Ensure best practices
Stylized image of a planetary rover on another planet

UX/UI Design and consultation

UI library design, prototypes, User Testing.

Relying on established frameworks like Google, MS, IBM, or custom-made libraries, we ensure a modern, intuitive design language.

State-of-the-Art UX Software: We use Figma, integrated with symbol-based libraries, branches, and detailed design specs.

Advanced Prototypes: Our prototyping tools, such as Figma, Protopie, or React mock-data, serve as our mission simulators, providing detailed, interactive mock-ups for testing and refining your product.

User Testing: We conduct controlled experiments, interpret results, make recommendations, and iterate, guaranteeing a user-approved design.

Interactive tools for refinement
User Testing
Ensures design approval
UI Library Design
Established frameworks
Stylized image of an astronaut sitting in a cockpit looking out at space near a planet

Application Development

Front-end, Back-end, Code Architecture, Web, Device, and Testing

Much like NASA, we believe in taking calculated risks, embracing new technology, and pursuing innovation - but never at the cost of the bedrock principles of development.

At our core, we are a full-stack development firm with proficiency in the fields of React, TypeScript, MongoDB, cross-platform mobile, and Next.js/Remix.

As we have charted our path over the past two decades, we have fine-tuned our capabilities to align with your unique project requirements. We leverage our expansive experience to deliver a final product that doesn't merely meet expectations, but surpasses them.

React, TypeScript, Mobile...
Principled risk-taking
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Development platform

Pre-made, fast deployment, high quality, design flexibility.

Welcome aboard Galaxy, our premier code starter kit, designed to launch your web application projects at warp speed.

Galaxy equips your application with essential functionalities while maintaining absolute design freedom. The result? Rapidly built, production-grade solutions.

  1. Rapid Prototyping: We'll swiftly assemble the components of your project, ready for initial flight tests.
  2. Quick Project Development: Shorten the journey from drawing board to deployment, making strides at record speed.
  3. MVP to Production Evolution: Transition effortlessly from your first working model to a fully-operational application, ready to serve your audience.
  4. Production Quality: Have confidence in your product’s resilience, designed to withstand real-world conditions and demands.
  5. Design Flexibility: Shape the form and function of your project as freely as the boundless expanse of the cosmos.
  6. Global Readiness: Ensure your product is universally accessible, prepared for both internationalization and accessibility.
Resilient product
Built for durability
Boundless design
Visual freedom
Global readiness
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Ready for liftoff?

let's navigate the path to your project's success.